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Commercial radio has evolved to the degree that there are virtually. Larry Lee is the parkingenforcement supervisor for the city of Sacramento. He works into the night, listening up to three radio frequencies at a time. Two are for dispatch and police communications, but he also tunes into a national AM broadcast to glean the.

That was a two-way street, actually. The year-old says her friends would sometimes call late-night deejays up on a whim and then not be able to get off the phone with the lonely record spinners. Mitchell spent less than a year in that graveyard slot, but he racked up the lonely-heart listeners quick. It was during the CB radio craze when folks on the same frequency. Instead, truckers and other graveyard-shift workers listen to a digital set of music replays and prerecorded features that serve to create a fiction of live broadcast. Before the last deejay leaves the KSSU Sac State station for the night, for instance, he or she sets the system to play through the night and until the next live body walks through the doors at a reasonable hour.

If anything goes wrong, Mapp or station adviser Susie Kuo resets things from home. The mystique of being a late-night on-air personality shivering through caffeine withdrawal and preserved in tobacco smoke has dissipated like the last puff from a Marlboro. With more motorists springing for satellite radio and cramming their portable music devices into nowubiquitous smartphone docks, it may not be much longer before the radio disc jockey goes the way of the milkman and singing telegram.

But on one college-radio dial, at least, that pirate spirit still flickers. Kommoju knows exactly when the radio bug bit. Five years ago, Kommoju was just another precocious year-old getting an early-bird start touring college campuses.

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As the group navigated the bushy, tree-lined quads of UC Davis, her pilgrimage halted in front of a funny-looking building at Lower Freeborn Hall. Underneath that jagged roof, the tour guide explained, pumped the loud heart of KDVS, which got its start in a dormitory laundry room almost 40 years ago. This group consists of students, teachers and weekday warriors, all of whom were willing to mop floors, organize records and staff early-morning fundraising drives just for the chance to be on air.

One of those deejays goes by the name of Trotsky. Legend has it the soon-to-be grad-school student started spinning punk records at the station when he was just Their online mission statement is simple: Grab on to it, and you just may hear something revolutionary. On view through May 5 is the study of a volatile and pivotal year in American history through sculpture, video, painting, and collage.

Somerville, who regards himself as a history painter, has created. The skeletal remains act as a reminder of the fragility of life. More sad than repulsive, though, her delicate drawings of deflated plush animals in an overcast palette are mascots of disappointment and the realization of the loss of innocence.

She renders the erstwhile adorable toys. Second Saturday reception: April 13, 6 to 9 p. Through April Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 6 p. Finished works Sacramento painter Laureen Landau died in , but now, thanks to her friends and artistic peers, her legacy continues. April 13, 6 to 10 p. Through May Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 7 p.

Thomas, Ken Waterstreet and Maria Winkler. Archival Framing, Folsom Boulevard; ; www. Thursday, April 11, 6 to 9 p. Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a. Post your free online listing up to 15 months early , and our editors will consider your submission for the printed calendar as well. Print listings are also free, but subject to space limitations. Online, you can include a full description of your event, a photo and a link to your website. Go to www.

Deadline for print listings is 10 days prior to the issue in which you wish the listing to appear. Turner will share engaging and intriguing excerpts from her book, in which each woman answers the question: Evolve the Gallery, 35th St. Music, theater, dance and more combine in this arts showcase. Crocker Art Museum, O St. Folsom Lake College, 10 College Pkwy. Whitewater Ramble starts with bluegrass instrumentation, adds drums and finishes with a boundless approach to grassing up everything. Whitewater Ramble has been captivating audiences with an engaging stage presence and insightful lyrics.

Discover why barefoot walking and hiking are great for your body and mind. Learn from best-selling barefoot running authors Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee how shedding your shoes and connecting with the. California has vineyards, fresh produce and a naturally left-leaning political bent. Fashion, public transportation and soccer are just a few.

Hear local group Jazz Gitan performing his vibrant style of jazz during two shows this week—all while dining on good food. The first performance is at 9 p. The second is at 7 p. Both are free. Find out more at www. Bonus French points: Sacramentans can ride Amtrak to Lodi and arrive in walking distance to the event. It happens Saturday, April 13, at 6 p.

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It happens at 7: For more information, visit www. Sierra College, Rocklin Rd. Pittman was with the Sacramento Symphony from to Pieces include works by Beethoven, Mahler and one by professor Stephen. Blumberg performed by Citywater. This festival will cover many of the river-friendly principles that will help transform your yard into a place that is beautiful, colorful, a pollinator, wildlife friendly and helpful instead of hurtful to the local environment. Miwok Park, Village Tree Dr. Capitol Crimes announces a one-day workshop for all writers.

The event showcases student work and student designer collections. Boutique, Folsom Blvd. Its mission is to ensure no woman in the Sacramento region goes through breast cancer alone. Royal Chicano Air Force is the subject of a lecture by Cornell professor Ella Diaz followed by a panel discussion on university art collection management. Dress how you like, escort who you choose.

Be yourself and enjoy the experience. This is a family-friendly event. The prom will be held in the cafeteria, in the Campus Center, Building J. Browse from 40 local vendors, hear live music and participate in art workshops. On April 10, , five American soldiers were killed in combat in Mosul, Iraq. Bryan Hall, of Elk Grove, was one of those soldiers whose heroic actions saved the lives of his fellow soldiers and Iraq civilians.

This walk honors Hall and the other four soldiers killed in the confrontation and all American soldiers, past and present. The exhibition features drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, fiber art and more.

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Second Saturday, enjoy a handbuilt ceramic sclupture gallery and ceramic artist studio featuring member art. Join a clay studio group, which meets weekly on Wednesday. Second Sa of every month, pm. Enjoy live music and an artist reception from 6 p. Escape from Samsara, works by Marleena Alysia Carter accompanied by a special acoustic musical performance by Nick Sinetos. A; Clay to Glass the Spectrum, Northern California artists explore diverse ceramic and glass art forms. Art exhibit and Poetry Reading, an exhibition featuring 13 artists who have all been published in the quarterly journal WTF?!

Second Saturday, see or purchase original art works by some of the finest local artists in Sacramento. Hear music and enjoy refreshments. Enjoy games, gardening and nutrition workshops, height and weight checks, and more at this free celebration of active and healthy living. Fairytale Town, Land Park Dr.

The festival is a showcase of the five winning plays of the annual playwriting contest for kids. Join the stampede as thousands of runners raise funds to benefit the Sacramento Zoo. The course winds through scenic William Land Park along flat, treelined streets. Call for pricing. Davis Central Park, C St. This ranch is an interesting mosaic of springs, streams, wetlands, blue and live oak forest, sweeping vistas and prime agricultural soil. The river trail is steep in places but has a good flat bed. Hiking to the flowers takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and you can continue towards the river a couple of hours round trip or just hang out in the blossoms.

Volunteer naturalists will lead the way, answer questions and reveal the intricate details of seasonal wetlands, vernal pool critters and wildflowers. Never heard the term Americana? Eagles Hall in Folsom, Scott St. This is a nonprofit, volunteer group of wind and percussion players from the Elk Grove area and surrounding community, conducted by Jay Roberts.

Laguna Town Hall, Renwick Ave. Street Play Collection, Anne Miller once pictured herself as a musician and music runs deep within her artistic sensibilities. Today, she makes pictures that sing with the clear notes of a clarinet or piano. Daniel Kennedy presents a Sacramento State University faculty recital. Kennedy is a founding member of ensembles such as the Talujon Percussion Quartet, and has been a featured soloist for the California Arts Council Touring Program.

A Biography of Jerry Brown. It is the first biography of Gov. Jerry Brown in more than 30 years. Behind the Scenes: Museum and Gallery Exhibitions and those who make it all happen. During this workshop, you will increase your business-savvy and competitive edge by enhancing your competence in organizational development, leadership, critical thinking, project management techniques, communication effectiveness and social marketing strategies.

The Firehouse Restaurant, Second St. Come join the fun of discovery as you view antiques, collectibles, art works, handmade creations by local businesses and the public. The Market Place, Riley St. This workshop is free, but preregistration is required. Looking for something to do? Art galleries and musems, family events, education classes, film and literary events, church groups, music, sports, volunteer opportunies—all this and more on our free events calendar at www.

Start planning your week! Now in its fourth season, visitors have the opportunity to uncover the facts behind the legends that lie below historic buildings and sidewalks. M-Su, The Davis Feminist Film Festival is a grassroots event that uses alternative media as a springboard for linking art to social issues.

The goal of the festival is to showcase independent films spanning documentary, narrative, and experimental genres in order to explore perspectives often missing from mainstream media and culture. A smorgasbord of dance awaits with Sacramento Dance Sampler. Solano Hall; ; www. Sure, the place also offers salads and Jonathan Mendick a few other dishes for the nutrition-conscious person. During a recent visit to the eatery—in which I shared a pastrami sandwich, a pound of hot wings, a cup of chicken tortilla soup rating: The sando tasted too plain white-bread flAwEd roll, lackluster Dijon mustard , and the only HH toppings offered are a few grilled onions.

Unfortunately, the chicken tortilla soup had somehow become cold by the time it reached the table. A bite revealed that it was an inventive and slightly heavier-than-normal cream-based variation of the Mexican soup, but it was far too cold to really be enjoyed. During the next few visits, I sampled all four salads. The Asian salad is a standout with Still hungry? A salad called The Heap and a baby-spinach salad arrived with heavy blue cheese crumbles, which balanced nicely against sweet fruit toppings and dressing.

The kitchen offers a house-made veggie burger as well. The beef patties were moist and tender, with a nice pinkness in the middle. Sweet egginess exuded from the brioche buns. For dessert, an Oreo shake hit a nice balance of sweet and creamy. Beer and wine menus help diners wash down burgers in style. Its patio is clean, dog-friendly and covered in Astroturf. Both the owner and chef constantly roam around the restaurant, chatting with guests and making sure everything is OK.

The menu is simple, with prices remaining the same for lunch and dinner. And before paying, the hostess presents a deck of cards: If you draw a joker, your meal is on the house. Besides, the burgers are easily worth the full price already. Use this one: Check out www. One of the most common dishes in Lao cuisine is larb, a dish of chopped meat laced with herbs, chilies and lime. Thai and Lao. Dinner for one: HHHH B. Blue Moon Cafe and Karaoke In Sac, most people equate Hong Kong-style cuisine with dim sum, but this restaurant, which also features private karaoke rooms, serves up tasty, familiar food by way of rice plates, sandwiches, noodle bowls, soups and stirfries.

HHH J. This addictive dish is served in a bowl just the right size to keep all to yourself. The jambong is a spicy seafood soup nicely spiked with chili and perfect for curing a cold. Chinese-style offerings include mu shu chicken and a ho-hum vegetable fried rice. Much better was the Hot Spicy Bean Curd—a large portion of silky tofu in a zingy sauce with peas and carrots. HHH A. These chickens get one heck of an afterlife: Their parts are rubbed with earthy Mexican spices and then slow-cooked in a smoker for hours.

Their flesh becomes fall-off-the-bone soft and infused with an aromatic wood-chip flavor. An eight-piece combo is basically an entire chicken. You can also order it covered in a chocolatey and peppery mole-poblano sauce; shredded and scattered atop a plate of nachos; on top of a salad; inside a torta-style sandwich; or stuffed into a burrito. HHHH J. The chorizo is red, crispy and greasy in all the best ways.

The lengua tongue is soft and dreamily reminiscent of only the most ethereal bits of beef. The fish is fine and flaky and the cabeza and pork are herculean in flavor options worthy of note, too. Or, feel free to customize, too, courtesy of the fully loaded salsa bar. Be sure to pick up a glass of the homemade horchata, which is sweet and milky with seductive whispers of cinnamon. You will want seconds. HHH G.

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Jin Men The restaurant bills its itself as Chinese, but it actually specializes in KoreanChinese food. The most popular Korean specialty dish is its ja jang myun, based on the Chinese dish zhajiangmian fried noodles with sauce. Fungi foragers Growing up with a Chinese mother and grandmother who both cooked a lot of Chinese food meant that I grew up eating a few different varieties of mushrooms. Husband-and-wife team Bob and Barbara Sommer, who run the Sacramento Area Mushroomers group, will lead a class and mushroom-hunting expedition on the American River Parkway. Call or visit www.

Go to Dos Coyotes Facebook Page and vote for your favorite and be eligible to win one of six Dos gift cards! Got a problem? Give your name, telephone number for verification purposes only and question—all correspondence will be kept strictly confidential. The two of you sync in a way that feels like something you would work hard to keep. So, tell her you love her after you begin making choices that prioritize her welfare and the health of your relationship and you have noticed she does the same for you.

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Real love comprises the daily choices and decisions that create an enduring friendship, and maintain affection and sexual chemistry, while also honoring commitment and trustworthiness. Living with arthritis pain? Studies show that moderate physical activity — the kind that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up like walking, biking, or swimming — can actually reduce pain and stiffness, and improve your mood.

You can even do it for 10 minutes, 3 times a day. For more information, call or or visit visit www. Write Joey, Del Paso Blvd. A guy who cares about you has your back when you are out together. Being drunk is not an excuse for bad behavior. Getting drunk is a choice and, sometimes, a red flag signaling addiction. A guy who cares about you is never so bombed that he forgets to return with the drinks he promised. A guy who really likes you stays sober so he can return you home safely. Why not agree? Yes, I mean it both ways. No, I only mean it one way: Halfway through, I ran into some old friends and he went off to get more drinks.

When I finally found him, he was making out with some girl. I took off and called a friend to drive me home. I finally texted him back, rcia and we had coffee. I still really like him. It looked like he was into Joey it, but maybe he was drunk like he says. Do you think I should give him is having lunch at another chance? Taste of Thai in Natomas. If the digital socializing goes well, you meet up and make out. The language of contemporary courtship is vague enough to avoid responsibility, intimacy or commitment.

No, confusing. Martha Livingstone, a psychiatrist played by the remarkable Voress Franklin , has been. A fascinating adventure story about an ancient pilgrimage to enlightenment. Agnes of God, 8 p. Thursday, Friday, Saturday; 2 p. Celebration Arts, D Street; ; www. As Agnes, Mitchell is a revelation. The role requires her to change moods quickly. These three unravel the story on a spare stage, furnished only with a small desk, two chairs and a stool.

Props are also kept to a minimum, which allows the audience to focus on the interplay between characters as well as become lost in the language of belief and evidence. Onstage for the entire play, the burden of carrying the audience falls squarely on her shoulders; what she knows is what the audience knows.

Franklin brings a quality of humility to the character that serves to balance a considerable righteous anger. The Mother Superior Alana Mathews is a woman with both secrets and anger of her own. Mathews portrays her as equally a defender of Agnes and of her own faith, which seem to be more closely related than one would expect.

The players know their marks, the lines are in their heads ready to come out, but the comedic timing does not match any of the words. The play, a comedy authored by Arthur Kopit, is an awesome amalgam of the susceptibility of man and the depths to which he will sink in the pursuit of power, money and, more specifically for this play, a Hollywood screenplay.

Eason Donner stands out immediately as holding the humor in the production. Every line is rife with the wrong kind of tension. Thompson short story. However, Campbell plays him cool, like a gangster Fonzarelli. But preview audiences are instrumental in helping actors understand the timing of jokes and the difference between a truly scary bit of theater and the absurd. Road to Nirvana, 8 p. Friday, Saturday; 7 p. Through May 5. From an original script by Joe Ahearne and John Hodge, Boyle by Jim Lane fashions a convoluted Chinese box mystery with overtones of two Nolan classics, the where-haveI-been riddlefest Memento and the deep-sea dive into the subconscious of Inception.

James McAvoy plays Simon, employee of a prestigious London auction house. As the price soars into eight digits, tear-gas grenades erupt in the room; Simon leaps from his seat, seizes the painting and dashes into a back room where he stows the art in a carrying case. Threading his way through passages, trailed by two security guards, he comes faceto-face with one of the grenade tossers, now brandishing a gun. As the thief stoops to open it, Simon grabs a stun gun from one of the guards and shocks him in the neck.

Either the Taser was undercharged, or the thief is overprotected, because it only makes him angry. Simon is rushed unconscious to a hospital, and in the aftermath of the spectacular robbery, emerges from a coma days later to find himself the gallant if unsuccessful hero of the hour. Meanwhile—did I say the thief absconded with the painting?

Simon returns home to find his apartment a shambles and two ominous-looking. So Simon was in on the heist from the beginning. At first we thought he was, as he grabbed the painting in the first confusion. And the game is only beginning. The therapist they choose is Elizabeth Rosario Dawson , who senses right away that Simon is trying to find something far more important than a lost set of car keys.

Trance is a well-crafted puzzle, more teasing than tantalizing, more pat than satisfying. Suffice to say Trance shakes down into a three-way chess game among Simon, Franck and Elizabeth. Nate and Dominic are mere window dressing here, although a fourth character played by the charmingly named Tuppence Middleton appears at key moments in fantasies, dreams and memories. It even ends with an unanswered question like Inception, but without the same resonance. The difference is key: Everybody dreams whether they want to or not, but nobody gets hypnotized against their will.

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, although Trance spoiler alert! Tina Fey plays an ambitious Princeton University admissions officer whose recruitment rounds include an alternative school presided over by Paul Rudd. And what follows is somehow a romantic comedy between two other people about whether or not this kid is Princeton material. Some are just hard to get into. Now Daddy is in the middle of things and about to either ruin everything or save the day—or both. This series ran out of gas with the first sequel and has been on life support ever since; writer Skip Woods and director John Moore fail to revive it here, but they cram in all they can think of, with Willis and Courtney surviving concussions, broken bones, explosions and outrunning machinegun bullets.

Is Courtney being groomed to take over when Willis finally has enough? Never Say Die Hard? Do or Die Hard? Who cares? Die hard, already! A prehistoric family is forced to face the outside world when their teenage daughter voiced by Emma Stone meets a handsome stranger Ryan Reynolds. Rio, Ice Age, Madagascar—distended shorts that mistake frantic activity for energy and flailing invention for ingenuity.

The G. Also, a handful of Joes Dwayne Johnson, D. Cotrona, Adrianne Palicki survive to seek revenge. This barely connected sequel to the original has been on the shelf for eight months; did writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and director Jon M. Chu spend the time making improvements? If so, it must have been pretty awful back then.

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The CGI fight and combat scenes, as in the first movie, are still elaborately realistic—and still utterly unconvincing. Terrorists seize the White House and the president Aaron Eckhart , virtually annihilating the Secret Service; only one agent Gerard Butler remains—the one who sacrificed the first lady Ashley Judd to save the president in an auto accident 18 months earlier.

Director Antoine Fuqua hammers the action out with all the. The two personalities wind up working together to find the kid brother Chandler Canterbury and boyfriend Max Irons the human half of them left behind. Poor Ronan carries on hilarious arguments with herself in voice-over, and her two-in-one character is torn between three—Irons, Jake Abel and Boyd Holbrook—who are all but indistinguishable. Frank Baum: Before becoming the man behind the curtain, he was James Franco, as a Kansas con man with a two-bit carnival magic act.

Good idea, theoretically, but Oz as protagonist needs more than the nonpersonality of a perpetually stoned, spread-thin performance artist. Over the rainbow and abetted by an orphaned broken-legged porcelain doll and a servile flying monkey with the voice of Zach Braff, he tangles with a trio of variously meddlesome witches Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams. Some tornadoes are stronger than others.

Good moments here and there—especially from Cooper and Liotta—contend with an unfocused and scattershot script that undercuts the actors too often. Perko's has made a name for itself by consistently delivering tasty meals to hungry guests who demand that each and every meal be made from fresh, high quality ingredients. This means that you can go to any location and enjoy the same dedication to quality and attentive service. Head over today for breakfast, lunch or dinner and feast on a variety of dishes including traditional breakfast fare like: Country Platters, Farm Fresh Omelettes, skillets and more.

Or, stop by for lunch or dinner and enjoy burgers, Chicken Fried Chicken, sandwiches, wraps, the Skillet Steak and so much more. In fact, it is all so good that you'll just have to go back again and again to try it all. We are here weekly. Yummy fried rice and pancakes. They make the best bacon, lettuce, egg, avocado, and tomato sandwich! Gotta try ….

Excellent salmon and lobster. Service was pretty slow for a place not that busy. Very good food though. Will definitely go back. I have trouble going through Roseville with out stopping for lunch. They make a spicy teriyaki chicken that is actually spicy! They serve a creative….

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  6. Nice and affordable breakfast spot. Very comfortable, friendly staff. The waffles are great!! Always great service. Nice place, friendly service and excellent food. We 3 had breakfast Saturday Prices were inexpensive, Portions larg…. They give a free cookie which is cool.

    I love there sandwiches. The staff is friendly and helpful. I've gotten hard bread once or twice but most of …. You won't be disappointed! Great slushes too! Actually, everything is good. Just make sure they're …. Vernon Street Grill is the best! Best menu so far. One of my favorites is the Philly Cheese Steak. Can't go wrong with that! On the outside, looks like it would be an okay place to hang out On the inside WOW! Expect to be wowed. The service, the …. This is the second time I have been to Mimi's Cafe. Once here in Roseville and another time in the bay many years ago.

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    The service was fantastic! Tyler was our Waiter and he was far superior than the average waiter. He was attentive to our needs and efficient without disrupting the meal time conversation. As for the food, I was less than impressed but I have traveled extensively in my life and this type of food is not to my taste. Overall the food was bland and the dessert was too sweet. Good size restaurant with a good amount of seating.

    The staff is very attentive. I really like the food. Great salad and sandwich place. Food that is healthier for you somewhat! Big area with lots of tables! I love this restaurant, the food is amazing the customer service is great and it's such a pretty place to go out with family and friends. Great drinks and fun cellar atmosphere. Food is always delicious. Creme Brule needs to be chilled more and more creamy and less custard. admin