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What we don't like: You can then add up to 4x more discounted SIMs immediately or later. These are on day plans - so give you lots of flexibility. Discounts on: Extra SIM only plans.

Shared mobile plans for family and friends: each UK network compared

Main contract has to be: What we like: Perks apply to any additional contract you add Change which perk you want every month. Too many tiers and rules for perk sizes Underwhelming money-off discounts. What you might find more useful is the choice of up to 1GB bonus data or extra minutes , because you could make a monetary saving by picking a smaller plan and adding the Family Perk bonuses to that. One really nice touch is that you can decide to change which Family Perk you want each month.

Useful links: Simple easy-to-calculate discounts Applies to phones, SIMs, tablets and dongles. Pricing can be expensive in the first place. The additional products can be anything pay monthly deal including: You add the extra plans at any time: Our fourth best rated scheme comes from EE and can be combined with their data-sharing plans described further down the page:.

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You'll need to take out either a month SIM only or month phone contract at full price first. Then once you're a customer, log in to see the improved prices on additional phones, SIMs, tablets and mobile broadband. Example deals for EE existing customers at EE. Valuable savings, particularly on upfront costs Applies to phones, SIMs, tablets and dongles.

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You can add the extra plans at any point in your contract or at the same time as you sign up for your main deal. Full terms and conditions at Three. Discounts on up to 20 devices phones or tablets Maximum possible savings work out pretty large. The discount only applies to that second part; not to the cost of the phone. There are also no discounts to be had on SIM only or tablets. Read Family Plan terms and conditions at O2.

But that doesn't mean these should be a write-off for you if you want to get your whole family or a group of friends on one network. These providers may still work out cheaper even without any extra discounts. If you're specifically interested in additional SIM only plans, we'd recommend doing a check on all providers' prices first using our comparison tool:. Compare SIM only deals using our comparison tool. Everyone just has a normal pay monthly plan You can share anybody's data with anybody else It works for existing customers You can add new people to your account whenever.

EE plans can be quite expensive. EE's new Data Gifting scheme gets our top spot among data-sharing plans, because it's the simplest system to understand and actually use. It lets you transfer chunks of data from any pay monthly deal on your account to any other, as and when you need to. It works both on phone contracts and SIM only plans. So if one member of your family's running low and another has some spare, you simply move the data between them. And you avoid extra charges for going over your limit.

Where EE have the edge over other providers is that you're all just on normal pay monthly plans. You don't have to sign up to any special joint plans, and people can be added to your account whenever you like. Read EE's full guide to data gifting on their official site. Split data with 10 other people on O2 Existing customers can share too. Lead device has to be a phone can't be SIM only Hard to calculate any overall savings up front.

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As we say in our introduction, we don't think data-sharing plans are a great way of directly saving money. But we do think they can be handy when you use them to offload data you're not using to people who will use it. You'll need one main plan that has the data you want to share with others. Existing O2 customers can activate data-sharing using these instructions.

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Then it's just a matter of choosing your other pay monthly O2 phone or SIM only plans that you want to share data with. Read O2's full guide to data-sharing on their official site. We actually rate Sky as having the best data rollover plans in the UK. You can store data up to 3 years. An added benefit to all this comes if you have multiple plans on one account with Sky Mobile.

The Best Mobile Phone Family Plans: Discounts and Data Sharing Explained

Because then any of the users on the account can take data out of a joint Piggybank that everyone can access. So if you have one person not using all their data but someone else who is, it all evens out across the group. Read our full Sky Mobile review. Chance to offload and not waste surplus data Full control over what each user gets. No longer available to new customers Pricing hard to calculate up front Pain to manage and administer. Vodafone review.

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The Best Mobile Phone Family Plans: Discounts and Data Sharing Explained -

How does Data Sharing work? How does data sharing work? Access to the shared data allowance MB of data each month added to the shared data allowance This SIM can not be used in a mobile phone. Buy your data share SIM now. Shop online 24x7. Business 24x7 Chat. Call us. Already with us? Do you have a mobile plan with us? admin