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I also recently had the Zoom treatment and experienced the same shooting pain in my teeth afterwards. The pain became even more intense after using the at home treatment. This pain lasted for days even though I used a prescription strength toothpaste for sensitive teeth.


I am now using a de-sensitizer tray at night which has relieved the pain. I had the Zoom treatment today and haven't quit smiling. I too have had a several sharp zings it started in the third round of the treatment but for the most part they don't last long and if you ask me, the results of the whitener far outweighs any pain I've gone through and may continue to go through.

I don't care if the pain lasts for another week, it is worth every bit of it to have such nice white teeth. No pain, no gain! My dentist told me that some people aren't bothered by the procedure, and I guess you're one of them.

But obviously, there are many of us who experienced really severe pain in response to the treatment. I'm not going to get it now that I've read this. I'll try something else maybe strips or whitening toothpaste. I am presently going thru the whitening process. I had 2 treatments in the dental chair for 20 minutes each using a light- short break in between same day.

The pain was pretty bad in some areas. Then, I have been doing the night trays for 2 weeks with shooting pain from some tooth areas. It is awful. I go in tomorrow for the same second in-office whitening where the dentist uses some sort of light. I am quite vain and I figure if the actors and actresses can do it, so can I! I also am having veneers on a few top teeth and crowns of porcelain to replace the old silver ones. My teeth will be beautiful! They aren't bad now but I want to preserve them for my old age.

You must be motivated. All cosmetic procedures have some pain involved no matter what you are having done to your body. It ain't for chickens! I personally would rather have nice white teeth than stained cruddy ones. I'll take the pain. I just had the Zoom treatment about two hours ago and I have to say that my teeth came out so white that everyone in the dentist's office was remarking at the difference, even people in the waiting room.

I'm in my mid '50's and this has lifted years off my appearance. BUT - I have to say that the shooting pain is the worst! It zaps through my teeth and into my gums and is just like when the dentist is drilling and hits an exposed nerver, only worse. There is no warning and it takes me by surprise and the reflex is that my whole body jerks in pain - and then it's gone in a nano-second. Even still, since it was the best cosmetic proceedure at my age for looking younger, I think it's worth it. My teeth were much whiter, too.

I could actually see when it was okay for me to have those things again, because I could see the enamel "heal". Areas went from being bright white to being more like my normal enamel color. By the end of the 3rd day, my teeth had a yellowish tinge again, instead of the "dead white" I had left the office with. They are still whiter, but not to the extent they were immediately after the treatment. The dentist said I won't ever have to do it again, but I have a different theory.

And that by the end of the year, my teeth will be more or less the color they were when I had the treatment. I'll have the dentist check for me when I go in next year, and then I'll know whether or not I'm right. I decided to search the net to see if there was any more info about it other what the hygentist shared. Now, I am soooooooooo afraid. I wish I'd done the research prior to paying. I've been wanting to do Brite Smile or something like this for a while now, but never even entertained the idea of pain being associated with it.

I'm sure I won't be able to get a refund, so I suppose I will go through with it and pray for the best.

Teeth Whitening 101: How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

It's worth calling your dentist's office to see if you can get a refund. If they won't give you a refund, it's worth asking them what steps you can take to minimize the pain. I think I read somewhere that taking Ibuprofen ahead of time might help but ask a medical professional. I had the Zoom whitening 3hrs ago and I am experiencing the painful zings. My dentist didn't warn me of the potential pain until the procedure started. The first "zing" happened during the third 15min. In addition, I have also developed a terrible headache and can only lie down.

I used doctor supervised bleaching trays 7yrs ago and achieved whitening without pain. I would not undergo the zoom process again. I wish that I had found this website first. I just got home from having the ZOOM tooth whitening process done, and am also experiencing those sharp pains! My dentist, like many of yours, also didn't warn me about it until it was over. During the last 15 minutes I started to get shooting pain in one area of my mouth, and it hasn't stopped since.

I took Ibuprofen before I went, and have taken it again since getting home even though it hasn't been 6 hrs! I have Biotene toothpaste for sensitive teeth, and am tempted to try it, I'm just afraid to put anything in my mouth now! I have a high pain tolerance, but this is too much! My wife, who is a dental assistant, had ZOOM whitening done today by her boss.

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White the results are amazing, she too like many others have reported is experiencing severe pain and sensitivity. This has been pretty much from the onset of the treatment. Now I myself am a Dentist I practice at a different office than she works at and personally I have never had experience using the ZOOM procedure on my patients.

I do use an in office system called AcquaBrite Deep Bleaching that produces comparable end results as Zoom, but the technique is somewhat different. It involves two in office deep bleaching sessions two weeks apart with a take home solution that is used nightly in between. The in office sessions do not use the UV light, but rather custom trays that hold the hydrogen peroxide solution combined with an accelerator.

This is done for two 20 minute sessions on the first visit, and three 20 minute sessions on the second visit two weeks later. Special AcquaSeal swabs are used with every application both in office and at home to practically eliminate sensitivity. Of all the cases that I and my partner have done with this system, sensitivity that has been reported is extremely mild and most patients experience no sensitivity at all.

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Also there is very little irritation to the gums and soft tissue if the trays are made properly and loaded with the gel properly. This eliminates the need for the barrier that has to be applied when using the Zoom. So while the AcquaBrite procedure take more time overall, the end result is equivalent to that of Zoom, but the discomfort is virtually nonexistent.

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I am considering myself trying both systems on myself I suppose that would be pretty much a good controlled experiment. I'll post back with my results if I do it! You should discuss your concerns with your dentist. He may be able to allay your fears, or offer you a different procedure.

It's Pam again Thanks for the advice. I will definitely check with my dentist to see if there's anything I can do to eliminate the sensitivity and check for alternative methods. I will post again next Thursday after the procedure has been completed. I've learned a valuable lesson from this and that is: Whitening strips etc dont work.. I disagree.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Caution :: Rebecca Blood

I expect pain in connection with an invasive procedure, but it didn't occur to me that whitening could be painful. And neither did it occur to any of the people I've told about my experience. I just had the Zoom treatment this morning and have been in agony the entire day. The disclosures said something about mild pain but nothing about being almost unable to function.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

This goes away, I hope???? It will go away, possibly by tonight. Mine got better with each passing hour and by the next day was gone. I got my procedure done in the morning. I also had zoom this morning. I have sharp shooting pains and a terrible headache but i think the pain is worth it. I do hope the pain will go soon as Im finding it very difficult to cope at work. My concern is that I had root canals on my canines on each side and they are somewhat darker than my other teeth.

Will they whiten with ZOOM? Yes, I'm interested in having my teeth whitened as well. I had a root canal on one of my front teeth and then the tooth next to my canine tooth. So my front 4 teeth have a root canal in every other tooth. They are definitely yellowing and show up very discolored in pictures. I do have a few crowns in the back. Will Zoom whitening help even out teeth where a root canal has been performed? I want them to be whiter in general, but I also want a more evenly distributed tooth color for my smile.

I read somewhere that they can insert some of the bleach in the tooth that had the root canal. Do you know about this? Please help. I had the Zoom done at 2: I'm afraid to talk or open my mouth or even take the codine the dentist prescribed me afterwards. If I had read this before my procedure, I wouldn't have done it and I'll never do it again - the pain actually makes me tear up and freeze in pain. I wonder if I can get a novicane shot tomorrow if this doesn't go away?

It lasted the rest of the day. I was in so much pain! I would have never gotten the procedure done had I known this. This was a pain like no other. I have extremely sensitive teeth and I feel that someone should have warned me of this. Today, the pain is gone in my teeth, but my gums are so raw and they were burnt with bleach! I can't eat and this is a different pain! I would not recommend this if you have sensitive teeth and gums already! I wish that I would have found this website prior to my appointment. I am healing and my teeth are whiter, but the pain that I experienced in the first day was not worth it!

Please don't waste your money with this procedure. It hurts so much, I can't eat or talk, my teeth are so so sensitive. I can't open my mouth at all because if external air touch them, it will make me cry as hell. I can't believe people have to go through all this to get their teeth withened!!! The pain is ridiculous. Don't do it please. I wrote on the 13th of Feb about having the zoom procedure done. It was an extremely painful experience. I could barely talk for fear of air entering my mouth, my head ache was unbearable infact it was probably the worst pain I have felt for at leats 24 hours.

However, that said, I am so happy and would go through the pain all over again if I had to. I have always been very paranoid about my teeth and now I just cant stop smiling. If you want white teeth and if it will help your self esteem go for it!! Dont let the pain hold you back. Really, I had my first child three months ago and I knew that would hurt like hell but if it's worth it than it doesnt really matter does it!! Has anyone tried orajel advanced tooth desensitizer??

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One or two customers can keep their teeth squeaky clean with a scale and polish. Get fangs sharp and shining with a comprehensive dental package that includes a clean, scale and polish as well as two x-rays. Up to two clients can flash their new pearly whites with oral exam which includes a scale, clean and polish.

Replace outdated and unsightly metal fillings with a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown designed to look as natural as possible alongside teeth. Strengthen and rebuild damaged teeth with a natural-looking porcelain fused to metal crown designed to restore their natural shape and size. Customers can have the pearly white smile that they deserve thanks to an acrylic, metal or Valplast denture. Treat crooked and crowded teeth with an easily removable discreet and transparent system; package includes all consultations and x-rays. Aims to be a faster, safer and more affordable alternative to straightening teeth The roots of the teeth are moved towards their final position from the very first appointment Treatment times can vary from a few months to a year All treatments include x-rays.

It is recommended to get routine dental check-ups every six months or a year for oral hygiene; X-rays are included to look for decay. Keep the teeth and gums healthy with a dental care package with two X-rays, and opt to include a scale and polish and an electric toothbrush. Keep teeth and gums healthy and pinpoint specific issues before they become a problem with X-rays; opt to include a scale and polish. Maintain healthy teeth and gums and catch any underlying issues before they turn into big problems.

Teeth are treated to a professional clean, polish and scale to remove plaque and tartar in a minute appointment with a dental hygienist. Main menu Open search menu. Auckland Teeth Whitening. Dental Teeth Whitening