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Smart TVs bring all of your entertainment options together in one handy spot. If you're family is subscribes to cable or one of the many streaming services available, this is a great way to have everything within a few clicks of the remote control. With high definition options available, a smart TV is an intelligent choice for the consumer who wishes to have all of their favorite shows and movies in one location. Designed with the cutting edge household in mind, these smart TVs allow you to surf the web, sign onto Facebook, Twitter, and stream video from Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus.

With the click of your remote control, you can scroll through interactive menus that are simple enough for everyone in your family to use. With some of the best smart TVs available from Samsung, Panasonic, and LG, you can pick and choose the right set for your home. Many of these smart TVs also features outputs for your Blu-Ray player and speakers, allowing you to put together the ultimate home theater system.

Sit back and watch a movie come alive with the beautiful p high-definition picture. Then flip to your cable system and watch your favorite sports team with a clarity that'll make you feel like you're at the stadium.

The 7 Best 55 inch 4k TVs - February Reviews -

Read through the bevy of smart TV reviews to discover hints and tidbits on which model to choose. Pick out the one for you and prepare to be amazed at the gorgeous picture, easy-to-use searchfunction, and user-friendly menus. Hook up your media player or gaming system and you'll have a one-stop place for all of your entertainment needs.

A smart TV is a fine choice for the household who wants all of their streaming services in one place. By using Amazon. Skip to main content Search. Your Amazon. Featured Categories. Smart Plasma TVs. Prime Eligible. Best sellers Previous page. Next page. As a place to gather with friend or family to watch the news, sports, a favorite television series, or blockbuster movie, you're going to want a TV with optimum sound and picture quality. When you come home from a long day at work, sitting in front of the television and watching your favorite program is a common way to end your day.

TVs from all brands, including Samsung, VIZIO, and Toshiba, offer you the basics, with outputs for your cable or satellite subscription, as well as options for all of your gaming needs. It'll be a cinch to watch the news or your favorite sitcom from the comfort of your own couch.

Of course, if you're a sports fan, you're going to want the best TV to watch your favorite games. Some of the flat-screen TVs offer an experience that'll make you feel like you're at your team's stadium. The high-definition TVs bring a crystal clear screen and optimal sound so you can catch every strike out or kick off.

Read the TV reviews on Amazon. If you're looking for a device with premium picture and sound, check out some of the LED or LCD sets to really take your viewing to the next level. Plug in that player and sit in awe as your favorite movie plays out as it was meant to be seen in stunning high definition. When you're looking for a new TV at a great price and the convenience of shipment right to your door, Amazon.

55 inch LED TVs

You'll find a wide array of TVs that will not only fit your needs, but your budget as well. Skip to main content Search. Your Amazon.


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Regards, Alan. Hello Stephen! The only difference I hear is brightness and 3D for me I will never use 3D. So is it really worth paying for the x93d? The one thing that makes the XD a bit tricky is the fact that it offers an IPS panel display in all sizes except the 85 inch model. This means much weaker black levels and far poorer contrast. On the other hand IPS does deliver really good wide viewing angles. If you do want good black levels, go for the XD.

All other performance specs will be more or less identical. Hi stephen, i hesitate between three 55 inches 4k tv. Hello Charles, the model numbers you list are very different from their U. S counterparts but if I recognize the TVs correctly, you should go for the Sony model.

Buy the Sony TV. They almost uniformly deliver excellent motion handling, superb color delivery and at least very decent black levels and contrast. Hey there Rungee. As long as the content is compatible with display on the TV at all, the upscaling happens automatically. Do i buy the lg uh or the samsung kufxza. Prices are quite similar. Any insights? Hey there Ryan. The KU offers the best black performance of the three models.

Hey there Aaron.

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  7. We usually watch movies, sports, news and concerts. We will also buy a soundbar — do you have advice on what we should buy? I thought the Samsung HW K looked good but are there Sony or other brands — other than Sonos which is too pricey and more than we need.


    Are these models from ? Thank you very much. Much appreciated! Hi there Jay. Since that model also lacks local dimming technology, the black levels will be particularly noticeable for almost any content you watch on it. It has a very nice low input lag. There are Panasonics on the U.

    Today's best 55-inch 4K TV deals

    Hey there Manish, We wrote an entire post comparing exactly these two TVs. I suggest you read it, here. LG WebOS 2. Regards, Jack. Does Sony HDR struggle in the unit as well? Thank you, Maria. Thanks for this roundup, although not sure about the affordability! Any idea on these models? What would you recommend? Primary usage will be movies and gaming ps4 gonna support HDR soon.

    Hi Stephen I found an affordable model — 55KU Hey Stephen, I had a terrible experience with the Sony XBR55xC with poor light bleed, horrible blacks in dark scenes, and pretty poor performance while watching 4k HDR movies with the letterbox along the bottom and top of the screen due to significant light bleed.

    Thanks for the help. Also, do you recommend something else from another brand.. If you have aother TV suggestions they are welcome. Thanks, -Rungee.

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